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Representing God Well

Read Judges 6:1 through 8:32; Luke 2:33–52

A self-proclaimed atheist says that when he moves to a new town, the first thing he does is join a Christian church. He thinks true Christians are friendly, giving, and welcoming—just the sort of people he wants as his friends.

A secular employer looks for Christians to work for him. He finds they work for God, which gives them a good work ethic. They are also honest—just the sort of people he wants working for him.

Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man (Luke 2:52).

Jesus was smart and kind, even as a child. He was without sin, so even in His young years He was a godly person, someone everyone wanted to be with. He would have shared His toys and been thoughtful and caring toward others. He was an obedient and responsible son. He loved the Scriptures even then and disciplined himself to follow God’s Word. He was just the type of child everyone would have wanted to be around.

Prayer for Today: Lord, may I be an example of all that is good as I serve You.

Quicklook: Luke 2:40–52

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