Stay Close

We never know when we wake up each morning what the day may hold. For some, they get the wonderful news that their baby is cancer free. For others, after waiting for months they have the arrival of a beautiful, healthy baby. For others, it can be different. Others may hear from the bank that there is a foreclosure procedure starting; then there are those that have news that there is nothing more the doctors can do; and some may get the call that one of their babies is in ICU in pretty bad shape. We may not exactly understand everything that happens, but we can be sure that God is faithful. A day holds all kinds of things, but there is one thing for certain. No matter what it holds, if we have a relationship with God, we can trust that He has it all under control. He’s in the midst no matter how bright the day or how dark. We can count on Him to help not only us but also the situation. I can’t imagine living this life and waking up each day without knowing God.

Teenagers this is true for you also. Every day may not come up roses. There is nothing that will give you as much joy as knowing Jesus Christ as your personal Savior. Give your heart and life to Him because without Him, it’s not much of a life.

We need to stay as close to Him as we can for if the day comes again tomorrow, we will probably need Him. He’s faithful to get us through any and all situations that the day may bring!

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