Do you feel like you’re not worthy to be blessed by God? If you have your sins under the blood, you have been forgiven and made worthy by His blood not by something you have done, He will bless you. The word says we are joint heirs with Christ.

Let’s look at Abraham. He was a liar and an adulterer, but because Abram believed in the Lord; and He counted it to Him for righteousness. (Genesis 15:6). Abraham didn’t do right but it wasn’t about a perfect record; it was about him believing on Christ. We can’t be good enough to earn His blessings. It’s just not in us. We are told to follow the word and live an exemplary life. Many people get close to doing that, but no one is perfect. We need to ask for forgiveness when we fail, but it doesn’t cancel out His promises or His plans for our life. We can’t be good enough to earn anything from God. It’s all about believing in Him and having faith. We just have to be forgiven.

How about you? Are you trying to be good enough to get to heaven and get your prayers answered? It won’t work. Just ask Him for forgiveness and believe in the Lord as Abraham did.

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