Let it Rain

We can sit in our easy chair and listen to the rain hitting the window, or we can have to make a mad dash trying to get to work in the rain. The rain makes a mess on the roads, in our yards, and it has a tendency to wash a lot of stuff away. It’s the same in our lives. The rain (troubles and trials) is with us in our easy chair or where ever we go. It can wreak havoc on our lives, our family’s lives, and all those around us lives. Sometimes it feels the rain washes away all the dreams and plans that we have to the point that we feel we have nothing left. No so. God has a plan for those dreams. Give them to Him and He’ll work them out. Rain falling can be a good thing. It can help our crops in the summer; the grass for the cattle; and there are places that people don’t have to worry about something like having water to cook with or to get a bath.

Rain in our lives can also be a good thing. Things can get pretty nasty in most everyone’s life at some point and time. God sends the rain to clean up the things that we are having trouble with. The rain He gives is cleansing, and the only thing it destroys is something that we don’t need. We have a hard time moving closer to Him at times, and His rain helps us regardless of how it may hurt.

I don’t know about you, but I think a little rain for most of us would be a good thing. It can remind us who is in control of it all. Reign, Jesus Reign!!!!!

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